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Meteorite Testing, Verification, Authentication and Appraisal.


Laboratory Services

Updated and current December 16, 2018


Sending a Sample for Testing

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Buschhof, Latvia, L6 chondrite, Fell 1863  

Barred chondrule, Saratov meteorite, thin section study

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This meteorite examination, verification and authentication service is an educational outreach program from New England Meteoritical Services, online since 1994. It is available to anyone who would like to know if they have found a meteorite. The program offers a fast turnaround and is inexpensive.

You may have found a meteorite but please do not email photographs. While some well-known meteorites can be verified through hi-res images, most cannot. Varification and Certification can only be done accurately through lab examination.

Dimmitt, Texas, H3.7 chondrite, found 1942
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How to send a sample for testing.

You do not need to submit the entire sample unless it is very small. All that is needed is a small, marble-sized sample or 10 to 20 grams for testing. Simply break or chip off a piece from any area of your sample (BE CERTAIN TO USE EYE, FACE, and HAND PROTECTION IF CUTTING OR CHIPPING A SAMPLE FROM A ROCK). Do not worry about affecting the value (if real). It is routine to take an "authentication slice" from suspected meteorites. Without this process there is no way to be absolutely sure if your sample is a meteorite.

Please do not send any samples larger than golf ball size. If you need to send a larger sample, email us for the additional return postage costs.

Krasnojarsk, Russia, Pallasite, found 1749
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Testing charges

Depending upon how quickly you need the information on your sample, two testing time frames are offered. "Regular Service" and "3-Day RUSH Service". Please include your email address with your samples.

Regular Service - $ 25.00, testing within 10 to 14 days, sample(s) returned by First Class US Mail within the USA, with your examination information. Up to three samples may be submitted for the $25.00 Regular Service testing cost.

3-Day RUSH - $ 35.00, your sample(s) will be tested within three business days of receipt and returned by US Mail within the USA, with your examination information. Up to three samples may be submitted for the $35.00 Three-Day RUSH Service testing cost.

Camel Donga, Australia, Eucrite, found 1984

Note: Testing is not done on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday's and we do not email testing results.

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Please mark on the outside of your package: "Regular" or "Three-Day RUSH".

A small box or padded envelope works well for sending samples.

Please do not ask to "drop your samples off", we do not have any over-the-counter services to accommodate hand-delivery and cannot accept UPS, FedEx, or DHL deliveries. You must send the samples through the USPS.

Send the sample(s), with payment (check, Money Order) made payable to New England Meteoritical Services to:

New England Meteoritical Services
P.O. Box 440
Mendon, MA 01756 USA

Portales Valley, New Mexico, H6 chondrite, Fell 1998
{short description of image}Murchison, Australia, Carbonaceous chondrite, CM2, Fell 1969

Sending samples from outside of the USA.

The testing charge is the same as listed above (in USD) but please email us for additional mailing and payment information. We accept PayPal for all international sample testing and email you the PayPal information upon receipt of your samples. Be sure to put your email address in the package.

Important: For all samples sent from outside the United States, they must be sent to the address below through your country's Postal Service. We cannot accept UPS, FedEx, or DHL deliveries.

New England Meteoritical Services
P.O. Box 440
Mendon, MA 01756 USA

If you have any questions please email, you will receive a quick and courteous response.

e-mail: lab@meteorlab.com

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Odessa, Texas. Iron, IAB, found 1922

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