New England Meteoritical Services testing information.

Most of your questions will be answered on the FAQ page, it's the best place to start before sending a sample.

The Testing Program, What we do.........

The service offered will make the initial determination if your sample is a meteorite, quickly and affordably. If it is a meteorite we will tell you the probable type and value.

All samples are returned.**

New England Meteoritical has been testing and preparing meteorite and geology samples for over 30 years at the university level, for research, museums, school systems, and the general public.

Full petrographic lab.

Polarizing microscopy.

Thin sectioning.

Comparative data base of over 2,000 meteoritical and mantle-related geology thin sections.

Specialized diamond blade mineralogy saws.

In short, we have decades of experience working with meteorites.

This is a meteorite testing and verification service. It is not a terrestrial mineral identification service.

There are over 5300 Earth mineral species. To keep the testing cost affordable to all, the identification of terrestrial minerals is outside of the scope the service. If your sample is not a meteorite we try to give you an opinion as to what the sample is though. Note: we do not always make thin sections during the initail testing examination.

The odds of finding a meteorite are not in your favor. Unless you witness the fall of a meteorite, finding one is not easy. Most are found by people NOT looking for them.

Please note: There is lots of information online about meteorites. You can even buy study and identification guides online, but meteorite identification is too difficult (and important) to try to do this at home. You can also spend a couple of hundred dollars with an analytical lab to do the elemental abundance and chemistry testing that some universities require before even looking at your sample. This is data generally needed for classification after verification.

Save the money, verify first, you'll know within days and not months if your sample is a meteorite - at very little cost.

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